MISSION - To advance, in every honorable way, the fundamental Republican principles and policies, and as a voluntary organization cooperate and assist in all county, state, and national elections, to the end that our Republican form of government, as created under the Constitution of the United States and the State of Wisconsin, be preserved for all people.  



Amended Digital Constitution

(Approved with RPW input at Caucus, Feb 3, 2021)


The organization is officially named “Republican Party of Waupaca County” hereinafter designated as “Party”. To clarify however, the “Party” has historically become known as Waupaca County Republican Party (WCRP). Documents, accounts, flyers, advertisement, and numerous other items have carried the WCRP and its Logos for many years. It will therefore continue to be unofficially referred to as WCRP while retaining its Official Title above.


The purpose of the party shall be to correlate and unify under one central organization, in a lawful manner, the activities of the Party. Additionally, the party will advance, in every honorable way, the fundamental Republican principles and policies, and as a voluntary organization cooperate and assist in all county, state, and national elections, to the end that our Republican form of government, as created under the Constitution of the United States and the State of Wisconsin, be preserved for all people. 

As a constituent part of the Republican State Voluntary Organization, the Republican Party of Wisconsin, shall direct, manage, supervise, and control business, property and funds of the Party. 


Party membership shall be open to all Waupaca County citizens of voting age who believe in the above objectives, purposes, and principles, and who have paid such dues as may be required so as to be listed as members in good standing. All interested citizens who live outside Waupaca County may become Associate member in good standing. Associate members are eligible to attend all Party events but shall not hold any voting rights. The effective date for all memberships shall be 10 days after an application is made.

The membership year is January 1 to December 31. New member application will be recorded not later than 10 days prior to the annual Caucus in order to Vote in said Caucus. Existing and renewal members can submit current year application up to the start of the Caucus in order to vote.



Section One: Elective Officers: The elective officers of the Party shall consist of a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary, a Treasurer, and may include a Finance Chair and an Operations Chair.

Section Two: Terms of Officers: The terms of office for the Party elective officers shall be two years or until their successors are elected.

Section Three: Elections: The Elected Party Officers shall be elected in a duly constituted Party caucus prior to April 1 in the odd-numbered years. The terms of all elective officers must begin following their election at the odd-numbered year Caucus.

Section Four:  Duties of Elective Officers:  

A) Duties:

1. The Chair shall preside at all meetings and caucuses of the Party, at the Executive and County Committee meetings and shall generally supervise the work of the organization. The chair shall appoint standing committee chairs for 2-year terms, in odd numbered years, upon approval of the Executive Committee. Furthermore, the Chair shall represent WCRP at district meetings and state meetings, including the state convention.

2. The Vice Chair shall perform the duties of the Chair in his absence, shall assume the Chair in the event of its vacancy for the unexpired term of the duly elected Chair and shall otherwise perform the duties as may be assigned by the chair, as well as any duties usually associated with the office of the chair.

3. The Secretary shall record and read the minutes of all meetings and shall be the custodian of the records of the organization.

4. The Treasurer shall receive and be custodian of all party funds, shall pay bills not exceeding $200.00 individually, without approval of Executive Committee, unless listed on the approved annual expense schedule. Annual Expense Chart I includes: Annual Fair booth, routine insurance, Lincoln Dinner venue, other, and shall pay non-routine bills greater than $200.00, as approved by the County Executive Committee, the Quarterly GAB Report required by WI Statutes, and to the general membership, as required by the Chair.

5. The Chair, Treasurer, and select Leadership, when available, shall develop a budget in the fall of each calendar year. This budget shall anticipate revenue and expenses for the coming year and shall be presented to the Executive Committee for approval. See the Annual Expense Chart 1 as guideline for annual expected budget expenses.

6. All event committees shall explore any creative means to raise necessary funds through donations, memberships, and income-generating functions for the purpose of carrying out party activities, primarily to support our county courthouse candidates, district assembly and senate candidates, as well as our Congressional and Presidential candidates. Additionally, the WCRP shall work in close harmony with the Finance Committee of the Republican Party of Wisconsin and shall perform such other duties as the Chair and Executive Committee may direct.

B) Term:

The term of the above offices and Executive Committee members shall be two years and until their successors are elected and installed at the end of the caucus in odd numbered years. 

C) Vacancies: 

Vacancies for members of the County Committee and the Executive Committee, other than the officers, shall be filled in accordance with the by-laws. Other than a vacancy in the position of Chair, vacancies in other officer positions shall be filled by appointment of the Chair with approval of the Executive Committee.

Section One: Descending order of Authority in the event of leadership absence; Current Chair, Vice Chair, immediate Past Chair, most recent Past Chair, Current Secretary and Treasurer.

Section Two: Committees: All committees shall be overseen by the Executive Committee.

The Executive Committee, headed by the Chair and Vice-Chair, shall consist of the elected officers, as well as up to 12 additional Party members, to include current officers, and past Chairs of the County Party. Chain of Authority follows that described in section One.

Standing Committees may include: Membership, Awards, (for District and State submissions typically by March 1st(eliminate ‘or earlier’). Committees formed for special events may include those for Lincoln-Reagan Dinner, Fair Booth, Rally for Liberty, Campaigns, etc. these are formed “as needed” in order to manage details and logistics, in addition to conducting After Action Review (AAR). These are contingent upon active Member participation and availability.


Section One: Party meetings or caucuses shall be held upon proper notice, at the call of the Chair, or at the direction of the Party Executive Committee, or upon petition of twenty-five members in good standing. Such call, direction or petition shall state the exact purpose of the meeting or caucus.

Section Two: A County Annual Caucus shall be held at least 30 days prior to the District Caucus of each year, at which time (by the Republican Party of Wisconsin rules) the official Call to District Caucus and the official call to State Convention will be read aloud. Thereupon, delegates and alternates shall be determined by interest indicated on two sign-up sheets, distributed at the annual caucus. In the event that there is more interest than the number of delegates and alternates allocated by the state party, an election would be held to determine the official delegation.

Section Three: The Party Executive Committee shall hold meetings monthly, at such times as determined by said committee. Notice, thereof, shall be given the Executive Committee and the following persons, if not members of the Executive Committee: all duly elected Republican Waupaca County officials who represent all, or part, of Waupaca County, and past Party Chairs. Such notice shall be given at least five (5) days prior to such meetings unless the Executive Committee unanimously agrees otherwise.  

Section Four: Special meetings of the Executive Committee may be called by the Chair, or by written request of five (5) members of the Executive Committee, and upon notice to all members thereof.

Section Five: DIGITAL VIDEO AND ELECTRONIC MEETINGS: Caucus (augment in emergency situations), Regular and special meetings of the Executive Committee, any subcommittee, or special committee, may be held by electronic means (such as telephone conference, video connect/conference, or internet communication system) subject to the following requirements: 

1. A majority of the members shall have access to the specified electronic media.

2. A quorum for the meeting shall be established by roll call vote, and, once established, shall be present until the meeting adjourned.

3. The technology used for the electronic meetings shall allow the members full access to, and full participation in, all meeting transactions, either continuously or intermittently, throughout the specified time of the meeting.

4. The affirmative vote of the majority of the quorum shall be the minimum vote requirement for the adoption of any motion, with a roll call being required, upon request, of any participating member.

Section Six: The Annual Caucus shall be called and advertised (as required by law) at least twice in any of the following: weekly newspaper, member e-mail Blast, Social Media (Facebook), Website, radio station, etc., as the Executive Committee may determine, at least eight (8) days prior to said Annual Caucus. A notice, by mail, will be sent to all members of the Executive Committee and Membership. After the Annual Caucus, details regarding the District Caucus and State Convention shall be sent to Waupaca delegates and alternates.

Section Seven: Voting by proxy shall be prohibited at any regular or special Party meeting or annual caucus. Voting by proxy shall only be allowed at Executive Committee meetings.

Section Eight: 1. Chair conducts routine monthly meetings. 2. The Vice-Chair will fill in for chair in his/her absence. 3. Authority following Vice-Chair is: Secretary, Treasurer, former Chair (currently on the Executive Committee), Non–Chair on Executive Committee comprised from 8-16 members.


Section One: The Executive Committee shall inquire within the Committee as to interest in joining the Nominating Committee. Committee members shall present a slate of candidates to the Executive Committee. In odd numbered years, said committee will nominate one person for each elected office. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the County Caucus. The Chair shall present the Executive Committee’s nominees to the caucus, after which, nominations may be made from the floor. A majority of votes cast by members in good standing shall determine the person who will hold the position. No person shall be nominated without his/her prior consent. 

Section Two: Delegates and alternates to attend each District and State Convention shall consist of Executive Committee Members, and those nominated and elected from the floor at the annual caucus. Delegates participate in voting and discussion at the Convention.

Section Three: Where there is only one candidate for an office, election may be by voice vote.

Section Four: Where more than one candidate is nominated for an office, election will be held by written ballot. A simple majority of the votes cast shall elect.


Section One: All recommendations for patronage appointments shall be made by the Chair, with the approval of a simple majority of the Party Executive Committee.

Section Two: The Chair shall appoint a committee of not less than three (3) whose duties shall be to screen all applicants for patronage purposes and report their findings to the Governor’s Appointment Director.


Section One: A quorum for a Party meeting, or annual caucus, shall be a number equal to twenty-five percent (25%) of the number of authorized delegates of Waupaca County to the preceding State Convention.

Section Two: A quorum for a meeting of the Executive Committee shall be a simple majority of that Committee.


Section One: Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern all proceedings except where inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws of this organization.

Section Two: In the event of any conflict or ambiguity in this Constitution and Bylaws, the Constitution of the Republican Party of Wisconsin shall prevail.”



A) Inthe event of dissolution of the Republican Party of Waupaca County, remaining assets shall be transferred to the Republican Party of Wisconsin.

B) Bills incurred by this organization shall be satisfied by a check drawn upon the account of the Republican Party of Waupaca County, endorsed by the Treasurer, or other person authorized by the executive Committee.

C) An audit of the Republican Party of Waupaca County financial records should be done by an authorized outside source every two (2) years, if the Treasurer resigns during his/her term of office, or at the time of Party dissolution.




Section One: When, at a District Caucus or a State Convention, fewer delegates and alternates are present than the county is allotted to vote, they shall vote on a proportional basis.


Section One: The Executive Committee may require the payment of dues for membership in the Party, and shall periodically review the amount of said dues, keeping in mind that Party membership should not present a financial hardship for anyone otherwise eligible to join. 



Section One: The absence from three (3) consecutive Executive Committee meetings, by any member of said Committee, who has received the required notice for such meetings, but has not had such absences excused by the chair, is grounds for removal. Such removal shall be preceded by a motion, a second, and the approval of a simple majority of said committee.



Section One: Should the Chair deem an item to require action prior to the next monthly Executive Committee Meeting, the Chair shall contact, receive, and record, the votes of the members of the Executive Committee, until a number equal to the majority of the Committee have voted, either to pass or defeat, the measure in question.



Section 1: This Constitution and Bylaws may be amended at any County Annual Caucus, if notice is included in the call of the caucus, stating that amendments will be considered at the County Caucus. The call of the County Caucus shall clearly state the exact manner in which it is proposed that the Constitution shall be amended. An amendment shall be adopted only by a majority vote of the general membership present.



Section One: Annual expenses on major items such as Caucus and mailings, membership, awards, insurance, PO Box, RPW annual assessment, and filing fees will be posted to an “annual suspense calendar matrix” during a period from December – February. These will be noted and passed by the Executive Committee, not later than the end of February, in order to ensure significant key event suspense, dates, and funding are not missed. Chart 1 “Annual Suspense and Routine Expenditures” may be used for all or part of this purpose and should form a foundation to the Annual Budgeting Process. It should be adjusted as needed by the Committee under Chairman supervision and reviewed at annual Caucus. Expenditures on this matrix do not require Executive Committee approval unless the amount is exceeded.




This Constitution and bylaws may be amended at any County Caucus if notice is included in the call of the caucus stating that amendments will be considered at the County Caucus. The call of the County Caucus shall clearly state the exact manner in which it is proposed that the Constitution shall be amended. An amendment shall be adopted only by a majority vote by the general membership present.

Revised: 2/02/21  As presented to the caucus for approval on February 3, 2021

Revised: 2/03/21 During caucus.